Last summer we visited several longtime Gardener's Supply customers and filmed them in their gardens. They told us about how they got into gardening and about some fo their favorite plants and Gardener's Supply products.The part we liked best was learning how important gardening is to their lives. We think you'll enjoy watching each of these enthusiastic gardeners, and getting a peek into their backyards!

How to Use Gardener's Supply Snip-n-Drip
How to Use Gardener's Supply Snip-n-Drip
Denise Holness-NewYork, NY
Denise Holness-Jackson gardens on the roof of her apartment in Manhattan
Jim Schoepke-Minneapolis, MN
Jim Schoepke’s urban garden is a neighborhood attraction and water-smart oasis.
Lisa, Forleo - Linden, NJ
Lisa is cultivating a rich connection to food and family in her garden.
David Walker North Conway, NH
David ‘Doc’ Walker has always made time to garden -- sometimes even after dark.
Carolyn Cornet Teaneck, NJ
Carolyn Cornett’s garden is a peaceful retreat for this busy mother of two young children.
Marian Heller New York
Marian Heller’s garden has taken on new meaning for she and her husband.
Steve Johnson Arden Hills, MN
Steve Johnson’s gardens have evolved as the surrounding landscape has changed.
Larry Smith Beverly, MA
When Larry Smith retired, his gardening hobby took center stage.
Alegra Best Baltimore, MD
Alegra Best’s passion for flowers has jumped the boundaries of her own backyard.
Hope & Ginny Barroll Saxis Island, VA
The Barrolls have turned a windswept yard into a lovely, plant-filled landscape.
Mark Weinberger White Bear Lake, MN
Mark Weinberger credits homemade compost for bumper crops of peppers and tomatoes.
Susan Malatich-Asack Princeton, NJ
Susan Malatich-Asack's deer-friendly garden is a sanctuary from hectic work days.
Robert Kilmer Manassas, VA
Retired English professor Robert Kilmer is feeding 10 families from his garden.
Stephen McKown-Brighton, MI
Stephen McKown’s love of gardening has grown along with his garden.
Dr. Alice Marczewski-Brighton, MI
Dr. Alice Marczewski-Schacht gardens at her veterinary clinic as well as at home.

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